Tahoe Convoy came through and SHALL RETURN in January 2022

Unlike same-day ski buses, Tahoe Convoy travels eastbound on Friday night and returns westbound on Sunday night (or Monday night, during 3-day weekends), catering to visitors with overnight accommodations. 


Don't waste 8+ hours of your vacation driving in dark snowy conditions or fussing with tire chains. Let Tahoe Convoy whisk you up to the mountains on our spacious shuttle featuring reclining seats, power outlets, free drinks, a restroom, a professional driver, and plenty of storage space for all your gear and luggage. Instead of driving, spend your time wrapping up work, watching a movie, sipping a drink, enjoying the view, or taking a nap.

Tahoe Convoy is the luxury weekend shuttle connecting the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley to North Lake Tahoe.

Serving Truckee, Squaw Valley, Tahoe City, Tahoe Vista, Incline Village – and everywhere in between!

What people are saying about Tahoe Convoy


Excellent + outstanding services on times. 5 stars!

Tracy V, 2019


So glad we found Tahoe Convoy. Took a weekend trip with some friends. Greg is very friendly and professional. He kept us updated with departure times and let us know about any delays.

AJ, 2019


Pack a picnic dinner and a couple of beers, hop on after work, and by the time you’re done you’re getting dropped off in Squaw Valley. Super convenient.

Simon S, 2020


Awesome service! Affordable, stress-free, faster way to Tahoe. Bus was comfortable and spacious. It's so nice to be able to recline the seats, stand up, and use the bathroom. Outlets in each row are a plus. We'll definitely use the service for future Tahoe trips.

AJ S, 2019


Tahoe convoy was awesome! It's the only ski bus that does full weekend trips, so it's a great option if you don't want to do day trips. The pickup / drop off was super convenient and flexible based on where you want to go. The bus is pretty nice, and has free water/beer/snacks and bathrooms, which means its basically a nonstop trip  to Tahoe. Would definitely book again!

Tara, 2020


Chillest way to get to Tahoe. Read a book, watch a movie, drink a beer and/or sleep.

Julia R, 2020


Tahoe Convoy is a great alternative to driving or flying to Tahoe for the weekend!  You can track the bus to see when it is arriving at your stop and the bus itself is super comfortable with outlets at each seat. It is also a good way to keep cars off the road and help the environment.

Toni T, 2019


I'm too young to drive. Thanks to Tahoe Convoy, I can get to my friend's house in the mountains

Colin W, 2018

Riding Tahoe Convoy is a great way you can help Keep Tahoe Blue!

"We need to find people better ways to get to and around Lake Tahoe without having to be stuck in cars. We think a service like Tahoe Convoy can be part of the solution, so we encourage visitors to give it a try and tell us about their experience."

Jesse Patterson, Deputy Director 

League to Save Lake Tahoe Press Release