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Tahoe Convoy is the luxury weekend shuttle bringing Bay Area and Central Valley residents to Lake Tahoe. Unlike traditional same-day ski buses, Tahoe Convoy travels eastbound on Friday night and returns westbound on Sunday night (or Monday night, during 3-day weekends), catering to travelers that have overnight weekend accommodations. Running an expanded schedule for our third winter season in 2020, Tahoe Convoy is ramping up to become a year-round transit service, per our vision.


Don't waste 8+ hours of your vacation driving in dark snowy conditions or fussing with tire chains. Let Tahoe Convoy take you up to the mountains on our comfortable shuttle featuring reclining seats, power outlets, free drinks, a restroom, a professional driver, and plenty of storage space for all your gear and luggage.


Instead of stressing at the wheel, spend your time wrapping up work, watching a movie, sipping a beverage, enjoying the view, or taking a nap.

Riding Tahoe Convoy is a great way you can do your part to Keep Tahoe Blue!



Jesse Patterson, Deputy Director 

League to Save Lake Tahoe, Press Release 1/19/18

"We need to find people better ways to get to and around Lake Tahoe without having to be stuck in cars. We think a service like Tahoe Convoy can be part of the solution, so we encourage visitors to give it a try and tell us about their experience."