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In December 2017, Tahoe Convoy was created through a crowdfunding campaign. In February 2018, Tahoe Convoy launched, connecting the North Shore of Lake Tahoe with San Francisco, the East Bay and the Central Valley over the course of three winter weekends, including an epic March Miracle journey where Tahoe Convoy broke through a winter highway closure.


Tahoe Convoy successfully completed its third winter season in March 2020, but was paused during the Covid pandemic. As of 2023 we remain paused – but we shall return! Our goal is a network of four interlined routes, providing extensive coverage across the entire Bay Area and the entire Tahoe Basin. There will be a northern alignment originating in San Francisco and a southern alignment serving the South Bay; at Lake Tahoe, two separate routes will provide direct access to both the North and South shores.

Tahoe Convoy plans to operate every weekend, all year, with at least two shuttles to cover this expanded network. During higher ridership weekends, additional shuttles will be dispatched and riders grouped by destination, creating express service with fewer stops.

The faster we can grow ridership, the quicker we will arrive at the Vision. Help us get there! Buy tickets for yourself and your friends and promote Tahoe Convoy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for your support!

Tahoe Convoy Vision

Tahoe Convoy would not be possible without

the help of our initial supporters! Thank you

Annette Ross


Becky and Bob Clelland

Bobby Simon

Brooke DuBose

Byron Nash

Chris Harrelson

Claire Navarro

Daniel van den Bergh

David and Eliza Drabkin

Dennis Capovilla

Devin Brady

Fred Ilfeld

Jerry Riessen

Joanne Bruun

John Radebold

Jonny Moseley

José Campos

Josh Switzky

Julia Riessen

Kate McGee

Kathryn Servino

Liz Gilbert

Lorraine Navarro

Matt Goyne

Matthew Roth

Peter Albert

Simon Snellgrove

Suzanne Riessen

Viktoriya Wise

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