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Tahoe Convoy provides transportation only –

but there are over 50 hotels along the route,

ranging from cozy hostels to major ski resorts

Tahoe Convoy partners with select Lake Tahoe resorts, hotels and properties to save you money!

The accommodations listed below have Tahoe Convoy ticket vouchers or discounts available for their guests.

When booking at these properties, be sure to mention that you will be riding Tahoe Convoy, and obtain your ticket vouchers or discounts from the property. Then, redeem for travel on the Tickets page (redeem the vouchers one at a time).


Cabin Fever is the best way to find the perfect winter cabin, including whole homes, fractional shared leases, or full-time private rooms 

Cabin 1
Cabin 2
Cabin 3
Cabin 4

Listings are available along the Tahoe Convoy route and across North Lake Tahoe

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