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Terms of Service

Thank you for considering Tahoe Convoy for your transportation needs. Tahoe Convoy is a production of Getaway Transit LLC of California.

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Tahoe Convoy partners with charter bus operators to schedule trips from the Bay Area and Central Valley to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Convoy sells tickets to passengers on these chartered buses. Tahoe Convoy does not own or operate any bus vehicles, and Tahoe Convoy does not employ or contract with any bus drivers; these services are provided by Tahoe Convoy’s charter bus partners. Tahoe Convoy partners only with qualified charter bus operators that are in full compliance with all state and federal regulations.

By purchasing tickets, you agree to these Terms of Service. 


Tickets are required to be purchased by credit or debit card, prior to departure, through the online ticketing portal.

Tickets are valid only for the date purchased. Ticket prices are $49 per one-way journey, or $98 per round-trip journey. Bulk discount prices are available using ticket vouchers.


For tickets purchased before the cut-off time (which is 12:01 PM on the Wednesday before the scheduled journey), and requesting a refund before the cut-off time, the $49 ticket will be refunded $44, but $5 will not be refunded as a service fee. (For seats booked with a ticket voucher, the full value of the voucher will be reclaimed.)

No refunds will be issued after the cut-off time, which is 12:01 PM on the Wednesday before the scheduled journey. Tickets booked by redeeming ticket vouchers also cannot be cancelled or refunded after the cut-off time. Tickets purchased, and ticket vouchers redeemed, after the cut-off time can not be refunded or reclaimed. No credits or vouchers for future trips will be issued due to passenger cancellation after the cut-off time.

While ticket vouchers purchased through the Ticket Vouchers page cannot be refunded after purchase, they never expire and are fully transferable to others.



Passengers are recommended to reach their pickup stop 15 minutes prior to scheduled pickup time. Tahoe Convoy will not wait beyond the scheduled pickup time for any passenger. Passengers who fail to arrive at their scheduled pickup location prior to the scheduled arrival time, as indicated on the Stops page, shall receive no refund or credit or voucher.


Passengers are required to provide accurate mobile phone numbers and email addresses when purchasing tickets in order to receive timely communications regarding schedule.

On the day of the journey, passengers should frequently check the Live Status page which displays the current location of the bus and the expected arrival time at each scheduled stop. Tahoe Convoy only makes stops where a ticketed passenger has selected board or alight the bus. Not all buses make all stops. Passengers must book their seats in advance of travel using the online ticket portal on the Tickets page.

Tahoe Convoy strives to maintain schedule, but traffic and weather conditions, road closures, bus breakdowns, driver illness, and other events beyond our control may result in delays. In the event that the bus or bus driver becomes unfit to drive during the journey, Tahoe Convoy, through its bus partner, shall offer passengers continued transportation with a substitute vehicle as quickly as possible.

Passengers agree that scheduled travel may occur during times of challenging driving conditions, especially during the winter and through mountainous terrain. Passengers agree that significant travel delays and road closures can and do occur. Similarly, unavoidable travel delays may result in late arrivals.


Cancelled Trips

Tahoe Convoy strives to proceed with all scheduled trips, through all conditions, when safe.  However, at times, Tahoe Convoy may need to cancel a round trip due to major weather events, prolonged road closures, or any other reason.


In the event of a cancellation before the trip has commenced, Tahoe Convoy will strive to provide notification to booked passengers at or before the cut-off time, which is 12:01 PM on the Wednesday before the scheduled Friday journey; however, cancellations after the cut-off time may occur. Passengers with seats booked on a cancelled trip will receive a full refund (or their ticket voucher will be fully reclaimed).

Passengers agree to not hold Tahoe Convoy responsible for any cost incurred due to travel plan changes caused by any trip cancellation, beyond the refund of the ticket price.

Turn Backs

At times, during intense weather events, Tahoe Convoy may commence a trip, but be unable to complete the trip due to prolonged road closures or other weather or road condition circumstances beyond our control. Tahoe Convoy will always make every possible effort to get through when safe, but under rare circumstances, the bus may be forced to turn back. In these cases, the bus will turn back and drop off passengers at their pickup stops, but there will be no refunds.


When a trip commences, but then is unable to complete the trip and must turn back, tickets will not be refunded, and seats booked with ticket vouchers will not be reclaimed. Passengers agree to not hold Tahoe Convoy responsible for any cost incurred due to travel plan changes caused by any trip turn back. 


Luggage and Equipment

Passengers are permitted to store luggage, ski and snow equipment, strollers, wheelchairs, and mobility devices in the undercarriage storage area. Space is available on a first-come basis. Bicycles may not be transported unless within a box no larger than 43 x 11 x 32 in inches.

Hand baggage may be brought on board the bus. It must be secured in the passenger area in a manner which ensures that the safety and proper operation of the bus is not compromised and other passengers are not inconvenienced. Hand baggage should, in principle, be stowed on the baggage racks provided or placed under the seats in front of passengers.

Tahoe Convoy assumes no liability for any lost, stolen or damaged luggage, baggage or equipment. Passengers understand that equipment, luggage and baggage have similar appearances. Passengers must remove all of their property when exiting the bus, and must label and identify their items to avoid inadvertently taking someone else's property. Tahoe Convoy is not responsible for retrieving any lost items.



All passengers are required to wear seat belts, as stipulated by California Vehicle Code §27318.


Children must either use the seat belt, if the seat belt can properly secure child; or the child must use an appropriate child passenger restraint system (also known as a car seat) that is secured to the seat using the seat belt, as specified in California Vehicle Code §27318. Car seats must be provided by the accompanying adults.


Smoking or vaping on board the bus of any substance is prohibited.


Passengers may bring food and drink that are not odorous. Passengers are required to retrieve and properly dispose of all trash, and keep their seat and surrounding area clean. 


Consumption of alcohol by passengers under 21 is prohibited.



Only an adult, age 18 or over, is permitted to purchase Tahoe Convoy tickets for any passenger, or to purchase or redeem ticket vouchers. Children under the age of 5 riding Tahoe Convoy must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older. Children age 5 and over may ride Tahoe Convoy unaccompanied by an adult, but children between ages 5 and 12 must have an adult present for both the pickup stop and the dropoff stop.

Passengers with disabilities or limited mobility 

Any traveler who intends to travel in a wheelchair or similar mobility device is encouraged to book as far in advance as possible, and indicate your need for access on the ticketing page. Access must be booked before the cut-off time, which is which is 12:01 PM on the Wednesday before the scheduled Friday journey, in order to secure a bus with provisions for access. Each bus is limited to one passenger traveling in a wheeled mobility device. Tahoe Convoy has no influence over the physical condition of pickup and dropoff stops, and cannot guarantee for access at stop locations.

Service Animals that have been trained to perform specific tasks to assist persons with disabilities are transported at no additional charge. Service animals may be seated on the passenger’s lap, on the floor in front of the passenger. Service animals may not occupy a passenger seat. Animals for comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals and are not permitted to ride, neither in the passenger nor the luggage compartment of the bus. Animals determined to not meet standards as a Service Animal will not be permitted onboard.

Tahoe Convoy strives to provide accessible transportation service to customers with disabilities. If you believe that Tahoe Convoy has failed this obligation or that you have been discriminated against on the basis of your disability, please contact us at:

(530) 580-8781



Lost or Damaged Items

Tahoe Convoy cannot guarantee the security of items left on any bus. The westbound return bus may not be the same vehicle as the eastbound bus. Therefore, passengers should not leave any items on the bus. Regardless of any information that passengers may receive to the contrary, including but not limited to comments made by bus drivers and/or bus captains, passengers assume full responsibility and risk for any items left on the bus at all times. Tahoe Convoy is not responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items, or any items left on the bus at the end of the trip.


Please closely check your baggage and equipment when retrieving it from the bus. Ski and snow equipment, luggage and bags have similar appearances. Passengers must closely identify their equipment and other personal items when extracting them from the bus and. Passengers should label their equipment with their name, mobile phone number, and email address.


Pets may not be brought aboard Tahoe Convoy, in either the passenger compartment or the luggage compartment. Only service animals, as specified above, are permitted aboard.

Parked Vehicles

Passengers who park their vehicle at or near any Tahoe Convoy stop accept all risks, including but not limited to, vehicle being stolen, vandalized, broken ­into, or receiving parking citations. Tahoe Convoy does not own or control any parking facilities, and is not responsible for passenger vehicles in any way.


Limitation of Liability 

Tahoe Convoy assumes no responsibility for any acts or omissions of others, including Tahoe Convoy’s charter bus operator, except as imposed by law. Passengers understand, acknowledge and accept all perils and risks of bus transportation during winter conditions, including perils stated and unstated, known and unknown, and those that may be the result of the negligence of Getaway Transit LLC, or Tahoe Convoy’s bus partner operator. Passengers agree to not sue or file any lawsuit against Getaway Transit LLC, its owners, assistants, volunteers, bus tour leaders, or employees, for any claims, losses, or liabilities that passengers have expressly waived, released, and discharged herein.

Place of Jurisdiction 

The Place of Jurisdiction of these Terms of Service is California.

Ineffective Provisions 

If individual provisions within these Terms of Service should be or become entirely or partially ineffective or void, this shall not compromise the efficacy of the contract as a whole.


No Discrimination 

Transportation aboard Tahoe Convoy is without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin.

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